About Higher Thoughts

The purpose of HIGHER THOUGHTS ministry is twofold:

1. To equip and encourage Christians of all ages to think biblically and live biblically while strengthening their faith to walk closer with God, to grow in Christ (discipleship), and to confidently both defend and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others (evangelism).

2. To provide seekers with sensible answers from the truth of God's word while showing them the need for a Savior, that God loves them, and that God has proven His love through the cross of Jesus Christ.

HIGHER THOUGHTS seeks first and foremost to employ and utilize a sound, biblical theology. If our theology is not biblical, then all else is off track and is impacted accordingly. If our pages, posts, and presentations are biblical, then we have taken the first and foremost step in sharing God's love, grace, and truth with others


  1. Equip believers to be ready to better respond with sensible and biblical answers.
  2. Help believers grow in Christ as their own faith is reassured and strengthened.
  3. Alert believers to the cultural trends and issues challenging today's Christians.
  4. Prepare believers to not only defend, but to share their faith with others.
  5. Focus Christians on not winning arguments, but hearts for the Lord Jesus Christ.

At the foundation of what we do is the reality that people need the Lord Jesus Christ.

Though the things of God may seem foolish to the world, it is that very world that all Christians are commanded to go to and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Often we will encounter skeptics and doubters, and we may have to answer some tough questions or work through someone's doubts or bias...

But if one stumbling block is removed...

If one soul is saved for eternity...

Let Us Be Ready!

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