About Higher Thoughts Ministry

Who we are, what we believe, and what God has called us to...


"Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Cor. 10:31b


About Higher Thoughts

HIGHER THOUGHTS seeks to equip and encourage Christians to grow in Christ (discipleship) and to be better able to both defend and share their Christian faith in today's world (evangelism).

Bill graduated cum laude earning undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Computer Applications. Following God's calling to ministry, Bill earned his Master of Divinity degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS).

Bill has earned the "Certificate in Christian Apologetics" through the Graduate Program of Biola University. Additionally, Bill has completed on-site training with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) at Wheaton College as well as with the NOBTS Institute for Christian Apologetics.

Bill has a love for God, for people, and for the truth of God's word. Incorporating his years of ministry experience as a Pastor, Bill applies Biblical theology combined with sound reason to real life. Bill believer that ultimately apologetics is to be used as a tool to eventually share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. As Christian apologists, our approach must be biblically and theologically sound and be delivered in meekness and respect as we speak the truth in love.

At Higher Thoughts ministry is about people. Every person is important - and eternity is every person's ultimate destination. We seek to help Christians reach out to loved ones, friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers and others with the Gospel message. This is done by praying, preparation and equipping, by encouraging and helping Christians to always be ready to defend and share the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Every church and ministry has members that know someone...

- Who, while it is fine that you believe in Jesus, they have doubts or objections regarding Christianity, the Bible, who Jesus is, how a person gets to heaven, or other key issues.

- Who seems to be easily swayed, often shows interest, or "dabbles" in the latest spiritual fad and trends of the culture.

- Who has been deeply impacted by a personal event or tragedy and may now appear to be having doubts and questions about God, the Bible, and faith.

- Who states, "I just cannot get past the idea that you Christians say you believe... " and they fill in the blank as they directly question our Christian beliefs.

Bill firmly believes that many Christians want to be better witnesses in sharing and defending the faith - they want to give the right response - but they often don't feel equipped or ready to do so. They want to reach their loved ones for Christ and they want to equip their children and grandchildren to live biblically in today's often anti-Christian culture.

Though the things of God may seem foolish to the world, it is that very world that all Christians are commanded to go to and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Often we will encounter skeptics and doubters, and we may have to answer some tough questions or work through someone's doubts or bias...

But if one stumbling block is removed...

If one soul is saved for eternity...

Let Us Be Ready!

"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord.
Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that is in you.
But do this with gentleness and respect."1 Peter 3:15